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22 January . 2018

Sweetwater completes trail improvements in time for great exercise weather

The weather is perfect for Sweetwater residents to enjoy hiking, biking and other activities along the community’s scenic 10-mile trail system. Sweetwater has completed some major improvements to its popular trail system, making outdoor adventures even more appealing.

Sweetwater’s trails have new markers that provide directions, difficulty ratings and more. There are also new benches along the trails, inviting residents to stop and enjoy a babbling creek or a fern-filled grotto. Some trails have been resurfaced, and pet waste stations have been added at some points.

Here are some of the highlights of Sweetwater’s trails, which connect neighborhoods to other recreational amenities such as the Sweetwater Club and the community’s newest park.

Sunset Trail – Rated as Difficult, this .4-mile trail treats residents to diverse scenery, including three waterfalls and a wildflower meadow. It also passes by the dog park.

Canyon Trail – Also rated Difficult, the 1-mile trail offers rugged scenery amid steep slopes and low water crossings.

Limestone Falls Trail – Rated Moderate, this 1-mile trail leads to one of Sweetwater’s most scenic secrets, a natural waterfall and pond with a limestone bottom and crystal-clear water. The Picnic Rock is a popular spot to rest and enjoy a snack.

Greenbelt Trail – Rated Low for difficulty, this popular .7-mile trail is easily accessible for all Sweetwater residents. A neighborhood park with a playground lies between the two trailheads.

Maiden Hair Trail – This .7-mile trail is rated Moderate and includes a scenic waterfall and grotto, an 800-year-old Texas Madrone tree, a wildflower meadow, and an old windmill and water tank from the land’s ranch heritage. It also has one of the community’s highest lookout points.

Sweetwater’s beautiful trails are part of more than 700 acres devoted to recreational amenities and natural open space in the community. 

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