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03 December . 2018

6 ways to enjoy an outdoor fireplace or backyard fire pit this season

One of the many attractions at the 10-acre Sweetwater Club is the spacious covered pavilion, which includes a cozy outdoor fireplace surrounded by inviting outdoor furniture. Sweetwater residents are welcome to enjoy the pavilion and fireplace throughout the year, and the cool months are especially popular times to see them gathered around a glowing fire.

That got us thinking about ways to enjoy a cozy fire this season, whether it’s out in a park or in your own backyard. Here are the 6 most inspiring ideas we found.

Start the day. Most people think of fire pits for nighttime use, but starting off your day with a fire can also be relaxing. Especially if the weather is chilly or gray, a morning fire can set an upbeat tone for the rest of the day. Bring your morning coffee, and perhaps some toast and reading material, and you’re set.

Camp at home. Your fire pit can be the centerpiece of an overnight campout, right in your own backyard. Pitch a tent, get some wieners and S’mores supplies for roasting, and you’re set. If the weather turns bad, or the stories get too scary, you can always go back inside.

Accessorize for ambiance. You can get a dome for your fire pit to prevent sparks from escaping, and did you know that many decorative screens are available to project fun patterns? Whether it’s a full moon or seasonal theme, or a romantic motif like hearts or stars, a dome can expand the fire pit’s charisma throughout your backyard.

Get the whole family cooking. There are plenty of foods that lend themselves to cooking on a stick, over an open flame. Most are so easy, the kids can get involved. Hot dogs and S’mores are naturals, and you can kick it up a notch with a build-your-own kebab bar. Accessories let you turn the fire pit into a grill for burgers and other foods.

Fun, fun, fun. There are countless ways to enjoy time around the fire pit. The flames and shadow provide the perfect setting for a game of wink murder. There’s also reading a scary story, playing board and card games, and teen dance parties. For the grown-ups, why not host the next club meeting around the fire pit?

Safety first. We couldn’t end without mentioning safety. Be sure to keep your fire pit clean and free of debris that could blow away and start a fire. Make sure the fire pit is in good condition, with no holes or weakened surfaces. Most important, keep pets and small children away from the fire pit when it is in use.

While enjoying a firepit can be as easy as getting one at a home improvement store, some homebuilders in Sweetwater also offer professionally installed backyard fire pits and outdoor patio fireplaces as options. Explore new homes in Sweetwater.

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