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18 January . 2019

4 ways to be a great neighbor at Sweetwater – or wherever you live

“We love our neighbors” is one thing we hear often from Sweetwater residents, when asked why they would recommend new homes to friends and family in this Austin and Hill Country area master-planned community.

For most of us, being a great neighbor comes naturally, but even the most considerate among us might appreciate these four tips for being a good neighbor.

Share information. Residents describe Sweetwater as a very friendly and welcoming community. One of the best ways to make new neighbors feel welcome is to share information, including trusted service providers such as house cleaners, dog walkers, babysitters and lawn care services. Ditto for great local restaurants, groceries stores, state parks and unique places to shop. We’ve gathered some of our residents’ favorites in our Area Guide.

Maintain your curb appeal. One of the benefits of living in a master-planned community like Sweetwater is the careful planning and the HOA, which works to maintain high aesthetic standards even long after new home construction and development are completed. To be a great neighbor, go the extra mile and maintain your yard and home in top shape.

Clean up after your pet. Sweetwater is paradise for dogs and their people, with miles of trails and a dog play area at the Sweetwater Club. For convenience, pet waste bags and trashcans are provided at regular intervals along the trails. Wherever you are walking your dog, please make sure to clean up after them, and don’t place the bag in someone else’s trashcan.  Dogs who bark a lot and run loose outside can also be “bones” of contention, so please be considerate.

Invite neighbors over. Sweetwater offers many events and activities where neighbors can get to know each other, from big shindigs like the Sweetwater Wildflower Festival, to movie nights and fitness classes at the Sweetwater Club. There are also community groups, like the book club. To build community on an even more personal level, invite a new neighbor over, and even include some more established neighbors you haven’t gotten to know yet. When you’re hosting any kind of gathering, keep the noise at a reasonable level, and make sure your guests don’t block neighbors’ driveways.

Meet some Sweetwater neighbors with our Resident Stories.

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