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27 February . 2019

Our Chesmar model is on trend for the “year of the craftsman”

“This will be the year of the craftsperson,” said designer John Linden in a article on “10 Daring Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2019.”

With its nature-inspired design details, Chesmar’s Ryder model home in Sweetwater feels right at home with this trend, and it offers many ideas for how to easily incorporate the artisanal craft look into your own home. This look is especially adaptable for new homes in the Austin area, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Hill Country.

“Anything that looks like the work of a detail-obsessed artisan will be right at home in 2019,” the article predicted. It added that handcrafted cabinets and unique artisan pieces were once expensive and available mainly on a bespoke, or commissioned, basis. The good news is that, today, cool artisanal accessories are widely available at virtually every price point.

One of the most eye-catching, and most easily replicated, artisanal details in the Ryder model home is the “sawn log” wallpaper in the dining room. Covering an entire wall, this accent sets the tone for a model home filled with finishes and furnishings that give a nod to nature.

The study is far from stuffy, with rustic, multicolored wood surfaces installed at jaunty angles on the walls. A detailed, wood-trimmed ceiling and accessories such as a wood-grain antler print complete this casual look.

In “Emma’s room,” a bedroom with a fun name mural, a wall of natural wood planks complements cow-print ottomans and bright pops of orange.

In the foyer, the recessed beam ceiling shows how beautiful natural woodwork can be casual and elegant at the same time.

With its cozy raised hearth, the rustic stone fireplace adds a natural Hill Country touch in the family room.

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