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26 September . 2018

5 Steps to Building Your Dream Custom Home

Dream homes don’t just appear like magic. Successful custom homes are the result of meticulous planning, quality craftsmanship, and a thoughtful infusion of personal style. If this is the first time you’ve even considered building a custom home, let us share a few tips we've learned that will help make your homebuilding experience an easier one.

1. Personalize the design for your family’s future
The first step to building your dream custom home is to think ahead about how long you want to live in this house. Building a custom home gives you the opportunity to create a space that meets the needs of your lifestyle now while accommodating your anticipated needs for the future. Perhaps you plan on adding a four-legged friend to your family down the line, you can build custom pet showers and feeding stations perfect for your pooch. If you plan to have multiple generations living under one roof, then designing a second suite with a separate entrance provides convenience and a much-appreciated dose of privacy.

2. Set the stage by selecting the right home site
Location is key to selecting your home site
—think of it as the canvas upon which to paint your dream home. Do you want to be in the midst of all the action with stores and entertainment nearby or do you long for solitude outside of the city? If you have children of school age or are looking to ultimately resell your home, the quality of nearby schools is a driving factor in a neighborhood’s appeal. Once you've honed in on the community, you'll want to focus on the physical characteristics of the terrain. Do you dream of sweeping views? Make sure you can situate windows to maximize panoramic vistas. If building an energy-efficient home is a priority, your residence should face south to maximize the potential of solar energy.

3. Dive into a wellspring of inspiration
Inspiration boards are a creative way to explore your interests and style long before any designing begins. Scour Pinterest for your favorite styles to inspire you to create the home of your dreams. Or you can create a digital inspiration board using free online tools such as Adobe Spark or Canva. If you prefer the old school route, tear images out of magazines and paste them all onto a poster board. No matter which method you use, take a moment to examine your inspiration board with fresh eyes. You might surprise yourself with the themes that rise to the top. What are your must haves? A wine cellar with custom cabinets (word choice…? Cabinets? Containers?) for your collection? A cozy, two-way fireplace that lights up the living room? A dedicated library overflowing with books? How do you want your home to make you feel? Make a list of features that you’d like in your home to share with your builder.

4. Choose your custom home builder
Your builder is going to have an enormous impact on the outcome of your house, so be very intentional in your decision. You can find a homebuilder through sites like Houzz and Porch, or ask a real estate professional for any recommendations. Once you have a list of candidates, you’ll want to do some additional research. First, do they have experience building a home in the style you want? If they only build New England traditional, they might not be the best fit if you are envisioning of a Southwestern dreamscape. You should also ask every candidate for a list of references and then be diligent to check out these homes and interview the homeowners. This small investment of time pays off with a lifetime of enjoyment in your home. Choosing a builder can make the home construction process easier because builders usually provide architects, the construction team, project management, and even interior decorators under one roof. That means you’ll have one point of contact throughout the entire process. You should have regular status meetings with your project manager to monitor progress during construction. Walk the construction site frequently to make sure construction reflects what you envision.

5. A singular opportunity to build
We invite you to visit The Summit at Sweetwater, an exclusive gated enclave of 30 custom home sites. Sweetwater enjoys a location atop of one of the highest elevations in Travis County and offers over 700 acres of natural space to explore.

From concept to completion, the entire custom home building project can take up to two years. Investing the time before building pays off in the creation of a home that reflects your needs, wants, and style. Happy building!


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