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Sweetwater has a new fitness center with weight and cardio machines, plus fitness classes and much more.

05 October . 2017

Sweetwater has many ways to keep fit – and the benefits are almost limitless

With Sweetwater’s new fitness center planned to open in November, we’re starting to get very excited about all the physical and mental benefits of keeping fit.

Beyond the state-of-the-art cardio and weight training machines that will be offered at the fitness center, Sweetwater has many ways to get fit, from running the trails to getting social with team sports.

Here’s a look at some of the many fitness activities available to Sweetwater residents, along with the top benefits of each.

Weight training. One of the best ways to improve bone density and control bone loss, weight training also develops lean muscle mass and prevents it from turning into fat. It increases the strength of connective tissue, muscles and tendons. Weight training also promotes body confidence and helps with managing weight.

Cardio machines. Working out with cardio machines helps relieve stress, anxiety and other negative feelings, and improves endurance and stamina. Treadmills burn more calories per time spent than any other cardio machine, while stairclimbers are more challenging and work all leg muscles. Stationary bikes promote aerobic fitness, burn calories, and strengthen muscles of the lower extremities. Elliptical machines provide a full-body workout without the impact of running.

Camp Gladiator. One of several group fitness activities offered at Sweetwater, Camp Gladiator is a one-hour class that combines the rigor of a military workout with challenges like tug-of-war and relay runs. This full-body workout combines fat-burning cardio routines with strength training to build muscle.

Yoga. The benefits of yoga are numerous, including increased flexibility, increased muscle tone and strength, weight reduction, and protection from injury. Yoga classes at Sweetwater also promote balanced metabolism and increased energy and vitality.

Zumba. Another popular fitness activity at Sweetwater, Zumba provides a significant calorie burn by combining aerobic activity with interval training. The average person can burn between 600 and 1,000 calories in a class. Zumba also offers a full-body workout and promotes increased coordination.

Team sports. The sports fields at the Sweetwater Club host team sports year-round for residents of all ages. From soccer to baseball, the emotional benefits of team sports are numerous, especially for kids. These include building social, teamwork and leadership skills, along with fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. The physical benefits are also significant. For example, soccer increases aerobic capacity and builds strength, flexibility and endurance.

Running and walking. With a master plan for 10 miles of trails meandering through a scenic Hill Country environment, Sweetwater is a runner’s paradise for residents. That’s good, because running is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep fit. Other benefits include preventing disease, boosting confidence, and relieving stress and depression. Walkers enjoy the same benefits with lower impact.

Swimming. With its lap lanes, the big pool at the Sweetwater Club offers many health benefits during swim season. The ultimate low-impact exercise, swimming promotes weight loss, with more than 300 calories burned during 30 minutes of breaststroke. Swimming can also boost your mood, strengthen muscles, and promote better sleep.

Learn more about the Sweetwater Club and the more than 700 acres of parks, trails and open spaces that make Sweetwater a healthy, happy place to call home.

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