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07 May . 2020

How Lake Travis ISD led the Monroe family to Sweetwater, their “forever home”

Casey and Leticia Monroe moved to Wisconsin in the early 1990s, following Casey’s discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps, after four years serving in the infantry. They had always talked about one day moving back to Texas, Leticia’s home state, and specifically to the Austin area.

Family circumstances led the family to move to South Texas, after Casey and Leticia had both earned graduate degrees in social work from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

About 10 years ago, the Monroes were still happily living in South Texas while their middle son, Augustine, was pursing his undergraduate and graduate education in social work at the University of Texas.

“Augustine loved Austin so much, we knew he’d never come back to the Rio Grande Valley,” said Casey. “That watered the seed that had been previously planted, and got us really thinking about moving to Austin ourselves, especially since we were living just about a mile from the Mexican border, and the violence in Mexico was growing at that time.”

Another reason the Monroe’s were ready to move was that they were both nearing early retirement.

Casey had recently retired after a 20-year career in clinical social work. Leticia, also a clinical social worker, had an accomplished career in the administration of childcare facilities. She had just accepted a new position with another childcare facility, an assignment she started when the family’s thinking about moving had intensified. They waited a couple of years until she had completed her project goals, and their search for a new home in the Austin area kicked into high gear in 2016.

A careful researcher, Casey began identifying the “top six” communities in the greater Austin area. The Lake Travis Independent School District, with its highly regarded reputation for academics and athletics, soon rose to the top of his list.

After narrowing down their choice to Lake Travis ISD, the Monroe’s quickly decided that Sweetwater was where they wanted to build and live in their “forever home.”

“All indicators kept pointing us to Sweetwater, which checked all of our boxes,” he said. “We saw it as a beautiful, well-planned community. The rolling terrain of the Hill Country reminded me of the bluffs in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where I grew up, and that struck a special place in my heart.”

Leticia fell in love with one of Sweetwater’s model homes, and they built a very similar plan in the Stonecreek neighborhood.

They moved into their new Sweetwater home during the summer of 2016. That August, Sebastian began the 11th grade at Lake Travis High School and quickly became accomplished in academics and athletics. 

He first made the Lake Travis Cavaliers junior varsity team, and was one of two players moved up to their varsity team, which went on to win the Texas 6A Division 1 State Championship that year. The following year, as a senior, Sebastian was a starting defensive end, and Lake Travis High School Cavaliers narrowly lost winning another state championship in the finale at the Cowboys stadium in Arlington.

“Sebastian was very well-prepared for college by Lake Travis academics. He has just finished his sophomore year at Texas A&M, where he is majoring in engineering, and excelling,” Casey said.

Both now in their early 50s, Casey and Leticia are young retirees, and they are enjoying Sweetwater’s blend of active lifestyle and peaceful environment.

“We enjoy the neighbors, trails, amenities, and the beautiful sunsets and dark skies at night,” Casey said. “This is truly our forever home.”

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