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Sweetwater’s trails are a popular amenity for residents who enjoy running, walking and other activities, especially in fall.

13 October . 2017

From warming up to cooling down: how to get the most out of Sweetwater’s 10 miles of trails

Fall is a great time to get outdoors and get some healthy exercise along 10 miles of trails in Sweetwater. Running and walking are great ways to keep fit, and our mild Texas winters mean you can often enjoy the trails for months to come.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered some useful links from around the web to help residents get the most out of our trails. From warming up to choosing the best shoes, these tips can help you go the most distance, avoid injury, and get inspired. Enjoy!

Warming up. Runners World offers this easy three-step method for warming up. It can help prevent injury and burnout.

What to eat. Whether it’s 15 minutes before your run or two hours ahead, here are some quick and easy snack and meal ideas for fueling up.

The right shoes. Do you need road-running shoes or cross-training shoes? Are you a neutral pronator, an over-pronator or an under-pronator? This running shoe guide from REI has some helpful advice.

Morning, noon or night? For many, morning is our mental peak, but our physical peak comes in late afternoon. Find out which time of day is best for running. Bottom line: there’s no bad or wrong time to exercise.

Workouts for runners. From jumping lunges to single-leg balances, here are some easy exercises to improve strength and stability for runners.

Trail running workouts. Thanks to Sweetwater’s Hill Country environment, residents can take advantage of these uphill and downhill routines to build muscle and burn calories. Sweetwater offers both paved and natural trails.

Running with your dog. Your dog may be your ideal running buddy, but consider these tips to make sure your four-legged friend is ready to run safely.

After your run. From rehydrating to resting, here are 5 tips to restore and recover after your run.

Not a runner? Walk. Running isn’t for everyone. The good news is that walking also has plenty of incredible benefits.

If you love running and walking the trails, check out this map of Sweetwater’s trail system to see highlights of our 10-mile trail system. And that’s just one part of the many amenities Sweetwater residents enjoy.

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