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26 January . 2018

Trust Stamp identity verification tool offered free to all Realtors

Working as a real estate agent can be very rewarding, both emotionally and financially.  One of the few downsides can be personal safety, in a career that often requires agents to meet with strangers.

In 2017, the National Association of Realtors reported that more than one in three agents had experienced a situation that made them fear for their personal safety, or the safety of their personal information.

To help solve this problem, NAR is offering all of its 1.3 million members a free tool to verify a person’s identity. Called Trust Stamp, the tool uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to verify strangers’ identities and provide a trust score.

“We are thrilled to offer Trust Stamp as a free benefit to NAR members and to empower them to keep themselves and their clients safe,” said Andrew Gowasack, one of the cofounders of Trust Stamp. “Both Realtors and consumers should have assurance that everyone they meet during the real estate transaction is verified and trustworthy.”

Basically, Trust Stamp uses proprietary artificial intelligence software to authenticate a person’s identity. It also analyzes public records and social media to provide a unique color-coded Trust Score.

Users can improve Trust Scores by sharing additional information. While personal details behind a Trust Score remain private and under the user's control, the score can easily be shared through the company's unique Trust Stamp, the company said.

NAR is a major investor in Trust Stamp, which also has clients including Airbnb, Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace and Uber.

For information, please visit the company’s website. Click here for a video interview with Trust Stamp’s Gowasack and NAR CEO Bob Goldberg.

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